Easy Playing Online Casino Using Smartphone

In Indonesia, at first casino tuanpoker games are not as popular today. That's because casino games are only available in casinos that never exist in Indonesia. However, lately Casino games such as slots, Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo, etc. began to glance by the bettor homeland.

With the development of technology, now you can play online casino using smartphone easily. All you need is a smartphone both android and Iphone as well as a smooth and stable data network.

Through the rapidly increasing technological breakthroughs and increasingly common use of smartphones, the developers are well utilized to provide casino games that can be played anytime and anywhere in real time. Or known as Casino Online. Sure enough, now the country bettor slowly but surely began to switch to online casino gambling.

To be able to play casino online, there are so many sites Online Casino Terpercaya ready to provide the best service for its members. Like for example M88, 188Bet, Fun88, 12Bet, and many more.

These casino providers now support game services in Indonesia. As with the support of rupiah currency, costumer service with prefensi bahasa Indonesia, and so forth.

Play Casino online

To play Casino online using a smartphone, you must first register to one of the providers sites mentioned above. For those of you who are beginners in the online gambling world, we recommend not to register directly but using a 3rd party agent.
There are so many online Casino agents that you can find by searching on google. Before deciding to sign up, it's good to know more about the agency. Such as the ongoing promotion program to the applicable terms and conditions. It's very important to know as a reference you choose the best agent.

After registering, please follow the next instruction to start the game. Do not worry. even if you do not know at all, there are costumer service that is ready to serve you for 24 hours non-stop.

Then how to play with a smartphone?

How to play Casino using a smartphone

Once you are registered with one of the online casino game providers, you must download the application first before it can be played on your smartphone.

Usually each casino site provides applications that are ready to be downloaded according to your smartphone operating system. Ask the costumer service if you do not find the application download page.

Installing Casino apps is different from installing regular apps. Because this app is not available in google playstore or appstore, there is a special trick to be able to install it.

Install Casino app on Android

To install the Casino app on Android, follow the steps below:

Download the source .apk files available on the casino service provider site where you registered.
Through your android, Go to Security Settings> Activate> "Unknown sources".
Go to File Manager> Download (depending on the folder where you downloaded the previous .apk file source).
Click Install.
After the application is installed, open the application and enter the username and password that you have registered to the site.
Install Casino app on iOS
As for iOS, the way is not much different like the following steps:

Download the source file through the website where you registered.
Install and run the app.
After that, you will get the following message:
Go to Settings> General> Profile and Device Management.
Click Enterprise app> Select "app developer name" (depending on game provider developer)> Believe "app developer name".
Click on trust.
Then open the application and enter your username and password that you register to the casino game provider site.
That is how to play online casino using smartphone easily. Hopefully add your insight.